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About Suranjali

Our Approach

We take a two-step strategy to preserve Indian cultural music in North America. We offer an impressive lineup of both educational workshops for our students to learn the value of the music and collaborative events for up-and-coming artiste to gain experience performing the music. We believe this helps ensure the present and future generations know, enjoy, and appreciate Indian culture.

Our educational workshops take a holistic approach to teaching music to the younger generation. Since our inception in 2018, we’ve held several workshops with distinguished vocalists and instrumentalists from the US and Canada. This unique process includes guidance on public performance. SURANJALI also offers music appreciation courses to students to create discerning listeners and spread awareness of the subtleties of the Art.
The concerts we perform are both online and in-person (once restrictions allow for public gatherings again). We organized two annual concerts (in auditorium) since we registered Suranjali as a not for profit organization in 2018. 

With health and safety restrictions keeping us from live, in-person concerts, we’ve focused on virtual events. Since March 2020, we’ve organized six digital concerts and various music clips available on our Facebook and YouTube channel. With online events, we’re able to broaden our reach and feature more Indian artists across the world. So far, we’ve featured acclaimed musicians from India, Bangladesh, and Canada.

It’s so important to foster upcoming talent, so we aim to provide new artists with the opportunity to receive a proper honorarium and a platform to share their music through our concerts. We can support the emerging artists by extending our global reach to them and thus help them find and expand their horizon.
You can find our past performances by clicking on Past Events under the Event tab on our website or visiting our Facebook page.


— Our Mission and Vision

Every Community has a responsibility to contribute towards social, cultural and spiritual growth of a country that brings forth peace and harmony. Music is such a gift that can make all these happen. SURANJALI Canada is dedicated to nurturing, preserving and promoting Indian classical, semi-classical & regional Indian music by organizing music concerts, lecture-demonstrations or workshop.

Suranjali aims at providing emerging musicians with a platform to perform, organizing concerts by illustrious artists, and supporting talented local artists.


— Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide the Indian community, especially the second-generation Indians born in North America, with opportunities to maintain the value of their Indian heritage and preserve their cultural roots.


— Our Story

As an organization, we believe that every community has the responsibility to contribute towards social, cultural, and spiritual growth. They say music is a universal language and has the power to transcend cultural boundaries. It can help us come together with peace and harmony while allowing us to express ourselves as unique human beings. This is why SURANJALI Canada is dedicated to nurturing, preserving, and promoting Indian classical, semi-classical, and regional music.

Our Team

An MBA with high expertise in Math and Economics, Sonali is a professor of Mathematics teaching in a college in Toronto.
Sonali Ray also had intensive training on both Indian as well as Western Classical music. In the sphere of Indian Classical Music, she has learnt from eminent vocalists, namely, Late. Pandit Chinmay Lahiri, Vidushi Dalia Rahut and Dr Vinay Bhide. She had learnt Western Classical Piano as well for an extended period of time from Professor Stanley Kruczinsky of New Jersey, USA, and has developed proficiency in rendering Indian Classical Ragas on Piano. She regularly performed as a young artist from Kolkata Radio and Television and has performed widely in India, UK, the USA and Canada.

Sonali Ray
Anjan Ghosh

Over 2 decades of progressive management background that includes initiating new business lines, procuring and executing the purchase of large global businesses and leading profit centers. An extensively well-travelled and networked professional, Anjan has directed and overseen the implementation of quality policy, initiated software projects, approved high-value contracts and chaired management review meetings.
Anjan Ghosh, who also plays Tabla, had been groomed under his father, Sri Baidyanath Ghosh. Hallmarks of his playing are the combination of ringing tonal resonance with the dexterity of execution. His repertoire combines Farukkabad, Delhi and Lucknow styles.