Who Are We

Our Approach

The idea of Suranjali Canada regarding capturing and maintaining the Indian cultural music in North America is simple, yet powerful. We follow a two-step strategy: First of all, our repertoire includes a vast choice of educational programs, which enlighten students on the importance and cultural background of Indian music. Second, we establish friendly performance opportunities by which the new composing talents can perform. This is especially important for both the generation that is currently alive and the future generations, making them relate, enjoy, and appreciate the culture of India.

In one of our major categories of educational workshops, Young learner is a concept that we target in our delivery of services. Since its establishment in 2018, we have conducted many workshops with established singers and musicians from the United States of America and Canada. These sessions are not only tutoring on how to play the music but also giving useful tips on performing in public. In addition, SURANJALI presents appreciation courses based on the goal of producing discriminating listeners and providing information about Indian classical music.

After redevelopment in 2018, the organization has contributed to two annual large-scale concerts which are conducted in auditoriums.

Indeed, to flatten the curve, some restrictions such as maintaining social distance and avoiding mass gatherings have been implemented which has forced us to conduct virtual events. These online events have increased the company’s range, as it became possible to present more Indian artiste, such as musicians from India, Bangladesh, and Canada.

For our past performances, you may view more details under the Event tab on this website through the Past Events link or prefer the Facebook fan page.

Our Goal

The primary objective of our organization is to assist the Indian community, mostly the individuals in North America to help them stay intact with their cultural roots. Bringing forward the rich tradition, we give them opportunities to experience the rich cultures of Indian music

Our Mission and Vision

A community plays an essential part in nurturing social, cultural, and spiritual growth, which leads to peace and harmony. The team of Suranjali Canada believes music is a powerful instrument. Our team is dedicated to fostering, preserving, and promoting Indian classical, semi-classical, and regional music. Every team member of our community achieves this by organizing concerts, and workshops.

Our Story

Ever since the establishment of our organization, we have focused on public, traditional, and spiritual growth. The universal language of music has allowed us to bridge the gap between the communities to bring peace and harmony. We have followed a simple rule from the beginning and that is to express our individuality while celebrating our shared humanity.

Our Board Of Directors

Sonali Ray

Founder & President

An MBA with high expertise in Math and Economics, Sonali is a professor of Mathematics teaching in a college in Toronto. Sonali Ray also had intensive training on both Indian as well as Western Classical music. In the sphere of Indian Classical Music, she has learnt from eminent vocalists, namely, Late. Pandit Chinmay Lahiri, Vidushi Dalia Rahut and Dr Vinay Bhide. She had learnt Western Classical Piano as well for an extended period of time from Professor Stanley Kruczinsky of New Jersey, USA, and has developed proficiency in rendering Indian Classical Ragas on Piano. She regularly performed as a young artiste from Kolkata Radio and Television and has performed widely in India, UK, the USA and Canada.

Anjan Ghosh

Co-Founder & Director

Anjan Ghosh Over 2 decades of progressive management background that includes initiating new business lines, procuring and executing the purchase of large global businesses and leading profit centers. An extensively well-travelled and networked professional, Anjan has directed and overseen the implementation of quality policy, initiated software projects, approved high-value contracts and chaired management review meetings. Anjan Ghosh, who also plays Tabla, had been groomed under his father, Sri Baidyanath Ghosh. Hallmarks of his playing are the combination of ringing tonal resonance with the dexterity of execution. His repertoire combines Farukkabad, Delhi and Lucknow styles.

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